Production and Application of Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer

Roller extrusion NPK fertilizer production line is suitable for the production of ammonium sulfate fertilizer. The production line uses extrusion granulation method, which is suitable for a wide range of raw materials. It can also be used to produce urea-calcium superphosphate (or calcium magnesium phosphate), ammonium chloride (or ammonium sulfate) - superphosphate, ammonium Chloride-Ammonium phosphate and ammonium bicarbonate-ammonium phosphate series. NPK fertilizer production line can produce special compound fertilizer including pesticides and hormones according to user's needs.

The application methods of ammonium sulfate are as follows:
(1) As base fertilizer. When ammonium sulfate is used as base fertilizer, it is necessary to apply deep covering soil to facilitate crop absorption.

(2) Topdressing. This is the most suitable application method. The topdressing amount of ammonium sulfate was determined according to different soil types. For soils with poor water and fertilizer retention, it is necessary to apply topdressing by stages, and the amount of each application should not be too much; for soils with good water and fertilizer retention, the amount of each application should be more appropriate. The amount of soil moisture also has a great impact on fertilizer efficiency, especially in dryland, when applying ammonium sulfate, we must pay attention to timely watering. As for Topdressing of paddy field, drainage and drying should be carried out first, and attention should be paid to the combination of tillage and harrow at the same time. In addition, the application of ammonium sulfate in different crops also has obvious differences, such as trench, ring or hole application for fruit trees.

(3) It is more suitable for seed fertilizer. Because ammonium sulfate has no adverse effect on seed germination.

fertilizer roller extrusion granulatorpellet of fertilizer roller extrusion granulator
The single production capacity of the roller extrusion granulator we provide is usually 1-4 t/h. In the design of NPK fertilizer production line, according to the production capacity of the granulator, multiple granulators can be combined to meet the production line. Compared with other fertilizer granulator machine, the advantage of extrusion granulation method is that it saves energy consumption for product drying and eliminates three wastes treatment. Moreover, the plant is small and the investment is low. The basic fertilizer and organic matter with heat sensitivity can be included in the compound fertilizer formula. It is helpful to maintain the characteristics of ammonium sulfate fertilizer.