How to buy fertilizer dryer

1. Purchase the special dryer for drying solid particles according to the characteristics of fertilizer production. Drum dryer is a commonly used drying equipment in fertilizer production. It can run continuously with low power consumption and high yield, and is widely used in fertilizer production lines such as compound fertilizer.
2. According to the scale of fertilizer production, plant size and economic input. When determining the scale of fertilizer production, we should also consider the area of the fertilizer plant. The dryer is a kind of heavy machinery and equipment, which covers a relatively large area. If the plant is large enough, there will be no restriction on the area of the dryer. But the cost is also an important factor, so we need to consider the comprehensive decision to buy the type of dryer.
fertilizer dryer 
3. The energy used by the dryer. When choosing the dryer, we should also consider the local energy situation and make full use of local resources. Local coal is more, you can choose to use coal as fuel dryer, when there is more electricity, you can choose to buy electric energy-driven dryer, if there is more energy such as diesel, you can choose to buy fuel as fuel dryer.

4. Dryer equipment supplier qualification. Is the drum fertilizer dryer manufactured by a professional manufacturer? Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional supplier of fertilizer equipment. Our dryer has been improved and applied for many years. Our factory sells dryers with accessories, with fragile parts, with professional product quality certificates, in line with domestic and international standards. The dryer includes instructions, warranty, etc. New users have professional engineers to guide installation and use, provide maintenance services for equipment personnel, so that you have no worries.