Development of organic fertilizer production line in green agriculture

The organic fertilizer production line has turned livestock manure and agricultural waste into organic fertilizers that contribute to agricultural production, which has greatly promoted the development of green agriculture. With the development of scale farming, a large amount of livestock and poultry waste has been produced. The improper disposal of these wastes will cause waste of resources and environmental pollution. The implementation of organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer is conducive to resource recycling and quality improvement of agricultural products. The replacement of chemical fertilizer by organic fertilizer not only alleviates ecological problems such as farmland degradation and pollution, but also helps to save the cost of agricultural production and ecological environment protection.
organic fertilizer production line equipment
Livestock and poultry farming, crop straw, large and medium-sized biogas projects, which provide sufficient protection for the development of organic fertilizer production lines, provide sufficient fertilizer sources for organic fertilizers to replace chemical fertilizers. The organic fertilizer production line has great potential. When using organic fertilizer equipment to produce fertilizers, combined with soil testing and formula fertilization, combined with organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, the production efficiency is good and the fertilizer efficiency is high. The organic fertilizer production line provides powerful technical support for the reclaiming of livestock and poultry manure, the harmless treatment of the biogas residue, the returning of straw, and the application of commercial organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer equipment has promoted the green development of agriculture and promoted the replacement of chemical fertilizers with commercial organic fertilizers. The development and application of organic fertilizer production lines are in line with the development trend of today's market, with green energy conservation and good efficiency.