How to treat the manure of sheep farm, how to process the manure into organic fertilizer

Sheep farm manure treatment is an important issue. If we do not take effective measures, it will not only pollute the land and water sources, but also pollute the air and affect human health. Sheep manure is a high-quality animal manure with high fertilizer efficiency and long duration. It is the best way to use it as organic fertilizer, is also an inevitable choice to improve the productivity of sheep farms.

Complete sets of organic fertilizer production equipment include: compost turner machine, half-wet material crusher, fertilizer mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, drum screener, packaging machine, coating machine, belt conveyor, etc.

Processing process of organic fertilizer from sheep manure
1. Mixing sheep manure with crop straw depends on the water content of sheep manure. The water content of fermentation is less than 45% and the required strains are added.
2. Material is mixed in a mixer and stirred evenly.
3. Stack the mixed materials in the fermentation tank, and the height should not exceed 1.5 meters. The turning machine flips over and over again.
4. Usually, in the fermentation tank, the temperature will rise in two days and the fermentation will be finished in about 15 days.
In the fermentation tank for 3 days, the temperature will rise to 60 - 80 C, bacteria, eggs and so on are killed. On the fifth day, the odor is eliminated; then on the ninth day, the material in the tank becomes loose and full of white hyphae. Fermentation in the tank until the 15th day, the material will be fermented and ripened. At the end of the fermentation stage, loader feeding hopper were used to remove the material to the next step.
5. The loader feeding hopper moves to the material of the crushing process, which is crushed by the half-wet material crusher, and then mixes with the mixer. It is conveyed to the orgnaic fertilizer granulator through the belt conveyor for granulating. The particles are dried by the dryer machine, cooled by the cooler, and then fed to a screener machine for screening. More than 95% of the required particles will enter the next process, and about 5% of the particles will be transferred to the crusher to crush the reconstituted particles, and the qualified particles will be packaged into the coating machine, and the finished products can be sold on the market.
How to treat the manure of sheep farm, how to process the manure into organic fertilizerHow to treat the manure of sheep farm, how to process the manure into organic fertilizer
Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line is a processing equipment that uses sheep manure organic fertilizer equipment to produce sheep manure as organic fertilizer. Biological sheep manure organic fertilizer production line is mainly suitable for the harmless use of sheep manure to achieve resource recovery and recycling. In practical application, the manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment generally requires the rational use of trace elements in accordance with the soil conditions in different places. In this way, special organic fertilizers for different crops, such as vegetables, fruit trees and so on.