Making bio organic fertilizer from soy sauce residue

Soy sauce residue is the leftover of soy sauce factory after processing soy sauce, which can be used to make feed. However, due to the long storage time, large moisture and high protein, it is easy to rot, breed harmful organisms and stink easily, which is not conducive to the processing of feed and affect the surrounding population. In this case, it is a very suitable method for organic fertilizer production equipment to make soy sauce residue into bio organic fertilizer.

Advantages of soy sauce residue in making bio organic fertilizer

Soy sauce residue has a certain salt content. The raw materials with salt content not exceeding the standard are selected for fermentation. The organic fertilizer produced by improper fermentation will have a great impact on crops. The fermented fertilizer can reduce the salt content, and the organic fertilizer made from sauce oil residue can improve the salt resistance of crops, stimulate their growth and inhibit diseases. More and more manufacturers use natto bacteria for organic fertilizer fermentation. However, pig manure, cow manure and other cold fertilizer raw materials are not easy to produce effects on crop seedling burning, with strong buffering capacity, high nutrient and organic matter, which can be better used with thermal fertilizer.
Making bio organic fertilizer from soy sauce residue

Method for producing biological organic fertilizer from soy sauce residue:

(1) Solid state fermentation, with pig manure, cow manure, soy sauce residue as raw materials, composting fermentation;

(2) Composting, maintain the temperature above 70 ℃ for 7-10 days;

(3) Inoculated with compound functional microbial agent, fermentation products were obtained;

(4) In the post-treatment of fermentation, the water content of fermentation products is reduced to less than 30%, and then crushed, and further processed by fertilizer granulator, high-quality organic fertilizer is obtained. This method has the advantages of low production cost, environmental friendliness, high resource utilization rate, high stack temperature, complete maturity, high functional bacteria number and good fertilizer efficiency, which can significantly improve crop yield and quality.

Making organic fertilizer from the waste of soy sauce factory is a method of resource utilization of soy sauce residue and solving the problem of waste treatment in soy sauce factory. We provide fertilizer production line technology, which can produce high-efficiency fertilizer.