Installation and Maintenance of Disc Granulator Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Equipment

Disc granulator is the main granulating equipment in fertilizer manufacturing process. This kind of disc granulator can be used to produce organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other material particles. So how to install and maintain these fertilizer manufacturing equipment to extend the service life? Here is the fertilizer machine manufacturers to answer for you.

1. Installation: This series of disc granulator from Huaqiang Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers mainly has the following components:
(1) Disc granulator main body: the main body includes the frame, regulating part and granulating disc structure;
(2) The main reducer is equipped with a belt pulley on the input shaft and a pinion on the output shaft.
(3) One main motive, one belt pulley;
(4) Supporting pelletizing disc device, including one spindle, two sets of roller bearings and two bearings seat;
(5) Attachments: triangular belt and ground angle bolt.
After the customer orders, according to the fertilizer manufacturing process flow chart designed by our factory, build a good foundation, foundation hole reserved.The machine can be installed after the foundation is solidified.
disc fertilizer granulator

2. Debugging: Before leaving the factory, the disc fertilizer granulator has been adjusted, and has passed strict quality and technical inspection and approved to leave the factory. However, the equipment still needs to be adjusted due to the maintenance or operation of the site.

3. Operators should pay attention to regularly inspecting parts which are easily worn out in the granulator's composition and structure, and observing whether the wear degree is not serious or serious. If it belongs to the latter, it should be replaced immediately to prevent accidents caused by persistent use.

4. During the operation of fertilizer equipment, some newly installed tyres will be very easy to loosen, so they need to be checked frequently. In addition, once it is found that the temperature of bearing oil rises too fast, or there is abnormal impact sound of rotating gear, the power should be stopped immediately, and the reasons should be checked and solved concretely.