Why apply Biofertilizer to fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are perennial crops, and high yields require large amounts of fertilizer. Therefore, soil fertilization is an important technical measure to improve soil nutrient supply in orchards and obtain high-quality and high-yield fruits. However, at present, there are widespread problems such as insufficient input of organic fertilizer and excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer in fruit tree production, which causes the soil quality of fruit trees to decrease and the disease to worsen, which restricts the further improvement of fruit quality.

Huaqiang fertilizer machine manufacturers and other agricultural institutions found that biofertilizer had positive effects on fruit quality, yield, tree growth and development, soil physical and chemical properties and so on. We launched a complete set of biofertilizer production process equipment, in order to effectively promote the application of bio-organic fertilizer in orchards, and achieve the goal of promoting the application of bio-organic fertilizer in orchards. High quality, high efficiency and sustainable production of fruit production.

1. Effect on fruit yield:
The application of biofertilizer on apple, citrus, peach, grape, plum and pear trees effectively increased fruit weight and yield per unit area, indicating that bio-organic fertilizer effectively ensured the sustainable supply of nutrients and promoted plant photosynthesis and carbohydrate synthesis.
biofertilizer production and effect

2. Effects on tree growth and development:
Bio-fertilizer can effectively promote the growth and development of fruit trees.

3. Effects on soil physical and chemical properties:
After the application of bio-organic fertilizer, the soil bulk density decreases, the soil porosity increases, the number of soil microorganisms increases, the soil permeability improves, the content of organic matter increases significantly, the ability of soil to supply nitrogen and phosphorus increases, and the soil acidity and alkalinity improves, which is conducive to the release of nutrients in the soil. The results on potted grapes showed that the number of beneficial bacteria such as radiation bacteria and bacteria in the soil of potted grapes increased significantly after the application of bio-organic fertilizer.

4. Prospects for future use:
As a new type of fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer has achieved good results in improving the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer, reducing the use of chemical fertilizer and reducing environmental pollution, and its development has broad prospects. We are fertilizer machine manufacturers for many years, providing a complete technical biofertilizer production process, as well as the professional ring die granulator biofertilizer fertilizer granulation equipment.