Why is organic fertilizer production equipment very important for green agriculture?

Green agricultural products are the only way to promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side. In the era of quality economy, product quality determines the effectiveness of supply. For agricultural products, only ecological green is healthy and high-quality; only healthy and high-quality is competitive. From the point of view of environmental factors, organic fertilizer production equipment pollution-free, green, organic standard production of fertilizer products, can effectively reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers, help to reduce agricultural non-point source pollution, eliminate toxic substances, and improve the rural environment.

Organic fertilizers produced and processed on the organic fertilizer production line are rich in various organic matter, which is essential for strengthening rural non-point source pollution control, implementing a zero-growth action on the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and actively promoting the substitution of organic fertilizers for chemical fertilizers to improve soil physical and chemical properties and increase soil organic matter content. . It achieves various purposes such as efficient resource utilization, stable ecosystem, good production environment, and product quality and safety.
organic fertilizer production equipment for green agriculture

Organic fertilizer production line through NPK fertilizer granulator mixed granulation, organic fertilizer efficient technology processing, containing a certain amount of inorganic nutrients and a large number of organic matter and trace elements. Such organic fertilizer can bring a large number of microorganisms and enzymes into the soil, but also provide a lot of nutrients and rich enzyme substrate for soil microorganisms, promote the growth and reproduction of soil microorganisms, and provide enzyme activity. Under the action of microorganisms and enzymes, the decomposition and transformation of organic matter are accelerated, and soil nutrients are activated. Some elements fixed by soil are released for crop absorption and utilization, which improves the soil condition and improves the soil fertilizer supply capacity.

The mixed use of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer greatly improves the use efficiency of chemical fertilizer. Coordinate soil nutrition, achieve high yield, high quality, high efficiency, safe for crops and soil environment. Fertilizer granulator further improves the quality of organic fertilizer products. Organic fertilizer production equipment plays an important role in promoting green agriculture.