How to properly check and maintain the disc granulator

For any industry to purchase and use fertilizer granulator machine, equipment maintenance is a topic worthy of attention. After all, the price of each mechanical equipment is not cheap. How to improve the working efficiency of the equipment, if the service life of the equipment is guaranteed, is directly related to the economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, the following describes the maintenance mode of the disc granulator.

1. First of all, the main part of the disc granulator is the disc. Usually we need to pay attention to the rotation of the disc. The speed of rotation is too fast or too slow will affect the particle size of the material. Only by choosing the appropriate speed of rotation can we efficiently produce satisfactory specifications.

2. Secondly, the disc fertilizer granulator is used to granulate the powder material, and it must involve the spray device. In order to ensure the hygiene of the production environment and improve the viscosity of the materials, we need to keep the spray equipment in normal working condition. Therefore, we need to regularly check whether the nozzle of the spray device is smooth. Moreover, for the disc granulator, it is also very important to add lubricating oil to the gears. If the gear is not running smoothly, the efficiency will be reduced.
disc fertilizer granulator