Method of composting chicken manure for garden

Chicken manure, duck manure, cattle manure and other animal manure can be recycled through composting, and then made into organic fertilizer for use in the garden. Chicken manure compost is not only environmental protection, to solve the problem of pollution, but also conducive to the growth of garden plants. Different from the fertilizer products made by professional organic fertilizer production equipment, this method is simple and can be simply made and used by yourself.
chicken manure

Simple composting method of chicken manure for garden

1. Mix the chicken manure, grass, flowers, leaves and other wastes with water, pick up the sundries and pile them up, cover the fermentation with plastic, when the fermentation temperature reaches 45 ℃, spread and cool down, when the temperature is constant, the fermentation process is solved, and the fermentation can be used.
2. Raw materials (take the production of 1 ton of organic fertilizer as an example): 1.8 tons of livestock and poultry manure, 0.3 tons of straw powder or leaf powder, 2.5 kg of corn flour, and 1 kg of bacteria rapid fermentation agent are required. Livestock and poultry excrement + leaves or straw powder + corn flour + strain → mixing → composting → air drying.
2.1. First, the water content of the mixed raw materials should be controlled at 40% - 50%, then the bacteria should be mixed on the jade water surface, sprinkled on the surface of the mixed fertilizer, and evenly put the raw materials into the mixer for crushing and mixing. When the fertilizer is stirred and crushed, its water content shall be controlled, generally not more than 40% - 45%. Too much or too little water will affect the quality of fermentation. Stir evenly, thoroughly and fluffy without lumps.
2.2. The stirred ingredients are piled into strips with width of 1.5-2m and height of 0.3-0.4m, covered with straw curtains for aerobic fermentation. Generally, the temperature rises to 50 ℃ within 24 hours and 60-70 ℃ within 48 hours. During fermentation, such a high temperature can kill all pathogenic bacteria, eggs, grass seeds, etc. According to the composting experiment, it usually takes 6-15 days to compost in spring, summer and autumn, and longer in winter. When the fertilizer is covered with white hyphae, i.e. all of them are rotten, it can be dried and screened slightly.
3. There are a lot of harmful microorganisms in chicken manure, which can not be applied directly. It is necessary to carry out deep high temperature fermentation. There are two main purposes of certain fermentation, one is to kill harmful bacteria, the other is to organicize underdigested substances and increase the content of actual organic matter.

Tips on chicken manure composting

1.The fermentation is mainly carried out in the fermentation pair or fermentation tank. The best way is to add appropriate amount of fermentation bacteria at the same time. Then the film was covered with agricultural mulch, and the fermentation time was usually 10-20 days.
2.The chicken manure after deep fermentation is dried and crushed. The ground chicken manure can be directly applied. But such fertilizer can not be called commercial organic fertilizer. Compost is the high-quality organic fertilizer on the market after being processed by organic fertilizer granulator, drying and screening. The compound fertilizer is made by NPK fertilizer production line, which is made up of different proportions of fertilizer.