Moisture content requirements of disc granulator for compound fertilizer granulation

Disc granulator plays an irreplaceable role in NPK compound fertilizer production. In the process of granulation, what are the requirements for moisture content?
When the high concentration compound fertilizer is granulated, the water content of the material should be between 3.5% and 5%, and the appropriate water content should be determined according to the raw material variety of NPK fertilizer production line. If the material with high solubility (such as urea) has a large amount of water, the water content will be low; otherwise, the water content will be high.

Regulating raw material moisture of disc fertilizer granulator

When adjusting the moisture content of the disc fertilizer granulator, the amplitude of the adjustment should be small. When an optimal point is found, the upper and lower errors should be less than 0.5%, less rather than more, and gradually adjust to the optimal point. If the moisture content is too high, it will cause the particles to be too soft and deformed, which will cause the wall sticking in the equipment and make the particles rough. There is a lack of fine powder in the material, a lack of filling materials in the rolling circle, and the particles are not round. If the water content is low, the pelletizing rate will be greatly reduced, and the fine powder in the material will be easily absorbed into the dust chamber of the production line, resulting in the lack of viscous substances in the material, which is easy to cause a vicious cycle. The final moisture standard should be reflected by the material state at the outlet of the dryer. The best product standard of NPK fertilizer production line is: particle diameter less than 1mm accounts for 15%, diameter equal to 1-4.75mm accounts for 70%, diameter greater than 4.75mm accounts for 15%.
disc fertilizer granulatorgranular of disc granulator
All in all, the moisture content of the material should be kept at a moderate level, and the effect of granulation will be affected if it is too wet or too dry. The suitable moisture content makes the pelletization rate reach the best effect. To ensure that in addition to the disc granulator, other fertilizer granulator machine should also pay attention to the moisture content of raw materials when processing, and users need to pay more attention in the actual operation.