The main significance of selecting disc granulator to produce organic fertilizer

As a widely used pelletizing machine in fertilizer industry, disc granulator plays an important role in organic fertilizer production equipment. As received by the majority of fertilizer plants like fertilizer granulator, it has many advantages.

The main significance of disc granulator to produce organic fertilizer

1. The pelletizing shape of the disk granulator is round particles, which has strong adaptability. It is a classic and durable fertilizer granulator machine. The balling rate is very high, which can reach 70% ~ 94%.
2. The disc granulator is used for granulation of organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, fresh chicken, pig, cow manure and sludge.
3. The fertilizer granulator not only provides high economic benefits for the enterprise, but also makes great contribution to the environmental protection project of human beings.

Technology of producing organic fertilizer by disc granulator

1. Transport the processed materials directly to the silo or mixer.
2. The compost is delivered to the disc leveler and evenly added to the rotating disc of the disc fertilizer granulator.
3. The material is agglomerated into a ball through the rotation of the disc.
4. The organic fertilizer particles are delivered to the organic fertilizer dryer for heat exchange with the heat from the hot blast furnace.
5. The dust generated by drying and cooling and workshop dust are discharged after three-stage treatment of cyclone dust collector, labyrinth dust chamber and wet washing.
6. The material is delivered to the screening machine for primary screening, and the fine particles directly return to the disc feeder, as the core, continue to participate in the adhesion of particles into the ball.
7. The material is delivered to the organic fertilizer cooler, and the fertilizer is cooled by natural cold air or forced cold air.
8. The particles are transported to the finished product screening machine, and the large particles are crushed by the crusher and then returned to the granulator to continue to participate in pelletizing.
9. The qualified products after screening are sent to the coating machine for coating treatment.
10. The finished organic fertilizer is delivered to the automatic packing scale for weighing, packaging and warehousing.
disc granulator organic fertilizer production equipment

In addition, our company also produces new type organic fertilizer granulator, double rollrt granulator, compost turner, drum dryer, screening machine. They are also used in the production and processing of organic fertilizers.