The necessity of the development of new organic fertilizer equipment

1. The necessity of developing new organic fertilizer. Fertilizer is one of the decisive factors for the high yield and quality of grain. The use of fertilizer has made a great contribution to the increase of crop production and the alleviation of food shortage. Fertilizer plays a very important role.
In the past, the fertilizers used by people were relatively single, lacking fertilizers for efficient use of nutrients, and the ratio of various elements could not meet the needs of crop nutrients. However, the commercial granular fertilizer made by the fertilizer granulator machine can improve the utilization rate, ensure food security, and reduce environmental pollution. One application of high-quality compound fertilizer can meet the needs of crops, and it can also reduce labor intensity, thereby reducing costs and ensuring increased grain production.

2. Development direction of new fertilizer. The development trend of new fertilizer is in direct proportion to the agricultural trend. Only by accelerating the development speed of new organic fertilizer granulator and fertilizer, can agricultural production develop in the direction of high yield, high quality, low consumption and high efficiency.
organic fertilizer production equipment

3. With the development of agriculture, higher requirements are put forward for the production equipment of new organic fertilizer and the nutrient content of fertilizer.

1. High efficiency.

Fertilizer can directly meet the needs of the whole growth period of crops, so as to save time, labor and improve work efficiency.

2. Compounding.

The development of agriculture new fertilizer has a variety of functions to meet the growth requirements of crops.

3. Long-lasting.

With the development of agriculture, there are higher requirements for organic fertilizer production equipment, and fertilizer should also meet the different needs of crops. Stable fertilizer accords with the characteristics of agricultural production and is the main direction of fertilizer development in the future.

Although the production process of organic fertilizer equipment is complex, in general, its production cost and risk are relatively small, and its raw material selection is very wide. Our factory provides professional organic fertilizer production equipment, NPK fertilizer production line, according to the actual situation for users to plan fertilizer process and site design.