Skills of installing drum dryer in fertilizer production line

In organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer production line, drum dryer is an indispensable equipment for drying treatment. When installing the dryer, the height of the near fire end is higher than that of the far fire end, which is a wrong method. This installation will speed up the movement of fertilizer particles and shorten the residence time of materials in the rotary drum of dryer. In this case, the lifting plate in the cylinder has no way to carry out normal lifting work, and the drying effect will not be very good. At the same time, it will cause unnecessary trouble for the installation and operation of fertilizer equipment.
drum dryer in fertilizer production line

Drying machine is usually downstream drying, and if the steam in the drying process can not be discharged in time, the steam in the drum runs for too long, and even causes the material to merge with moisture again. As an organic fertilizer making machine, the host machine with inclined angle should be fixed with a set of anti-skid supporting wheels during installation, so as to prevent the drying equipment from sliding down during operation.