Operation points of organic fertilizer conveyor equipment

Livestock manure organic fertilizer treatment equipment is a popular environmental protection equipment, which solves important environmental problems for people. Whether we process cow manure or chicken manure, pig manure or sheep manure, we need basically the same organic fertilizer making machine. The organic fertilizer production line includes: fermentation compost turner, semi wet material grinder, horizontal mixer, drum granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, conveyor, coating machine, etc.

The conveying device is the bridge equipment in the organic fertilizer production line, which plays a key role in the in and out conveyance of materials. So, what are the key points of our operation of this fertilizer conveyor? Let the fertilizer equipment manufacturers take you to find out.

1. During the operation of the organic fertilizer production line, care should be taken to ensure that the angle between the conveying device and the ground is not greater than 20 degrees. The conveying capacity of the conveyor is generally 5 tons per hour. In addition, in the process of operation, personnel need to pay attention to reasonable adjustments according to the specific usage. At the same time, ensure that the moisture of the columnar particles and spherical particles to be transported is controlled within the appropriate range of 30% to 35%. The personnel operate strictly in accordance with the regulations.

2. In addition, we should understand that whether the conveying device can operate normally will directly affect the continuity of organic fertilizer generation, thus affecting the treatment efficiency of fertilizer granulator. Therefore, the personnel need to do some preparatory work before using.

3. For the operation of the conveying device, we should try our best to prevent deviation, slipping and other phenomena, and personnel need to pay attention to adjust the elastic device in time. And the operation should pay attention to safety.