Bio-organic Fertilizer Types and Production Methods

Bio-organic fertilizer is a bio-organic fertilizer that uses animal manure and straw to be processed by beneficial microbial fermentation and biofertilizer production equipment. Bio-organic fertilizer contains a large number of beneficial microorganisms, and the application effect is remarkable.

Biofertilizer type
(1) Crop straw decomposition agent, livestock and poultry manure, organic waste starter.
(2) Microbial inoculants refer to liquid viable bacterial products produced by liquid fermentation of known beneficial microorganisms or solid viable bacterial products adsorbed by aseptic carriers. The unstable quality of biofertilizer products is the main problem in the production of microbial inoculants. The main reasons are bacteria, carriers and fermentation equipment. The main manifestations of strains are mixed strains, degradation of strains, unreasonable combination of strains and so on.
(3) Photosynthetic bacteria fertilizer, photosynthetic bacteria fertilizer is developing rapidly, mainly used for livestock and poultry breeding and aquaculture, and can also be used for seed dressing and foliar application.
(4) Compound biofertilizer. Compound biofertilizer is widely used in agriculture. There are three different ways in fertilizer manufacturing process. Different fertilizer manufacturing processes can be used to produce different biofertilizer products.
(5) Enzyme bacteria

1. In the fertilizer granulation manufacturing process, the NPK inorganic fertilizer is mixed with the organic matter after the fermentation of the feces, the microbial inoculant is added, and the granulator machine is used for mixing granulation. Fertilizer granulator machine can make all the mixed raw materials into granules, so that the nutrients in the raw materials can be perfectly combined.
fertilizer manufacturing process

2. Mix organic matter with inoculant, and feed the finished material into fertilizer manufacturing process for granulation, then mix bio-organic fertilizer with chemical fertilizer, and finally pack.

3 Fertilizer granules packaged by organic and inorganic fertilizer manufacturing process are then mixed with microbial inoculants when applied.