What kind of organic fertilizer dryer manufacturer specializes

The organic fertilizer dryer is a continuous operation of direct contact material drying machine, which can be used to dry organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, and is widely used in organic fertilizer production line. It consists of a slowly rotating cylindrical shell that is tilted.

As a dryer manufacturer, the organic fertilizer dryer has the characteristics of simple operation, low energy consumption, long service life and uniform drying. Due to its unique structure, it has the following advantages:
1The drum dryer is easier to arrange in the workshop, the floor space is reduced, the equipment investment is reduced, the economic benefit is good, and the performance is stable.
2 The rotation of the drum makes the material more evenly without dead angles, avoiding the phenomenon of material burnt.
3 The rotary dryer is slightly inclined, which is beneficial to the transportation of wet materials. The material enters the rotary cylinder from a high place, and the dried organic fertilizer particles are discharged from the lower end.
4 In order to make the material drying evenly and prolong the residence time of the material in the organic fertilizer dryer, a lifting plate is arranged in the drying cylinder. The layout and angle of the lifting plate are designed to be reliable.
organic fertilizer dryer
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