Which kind of organic fertilizer has better effect compared with powder or granule

The production and processing of organic fertilizer are generally divided into powder processing and granular granulation. The general raw materials of organic fertilizer are animal manure, crop straw, sludge and biogas residue, etc. The manure of livestock and poultry is fermented, the middle part is tossed by the compost dumper, crushed by the high humidity material grinder, and then screened by the screening machine. The screened product is powdered organic fertilizer. The unqualified products are crushed again, and the qualified powdered organic fertilizer can be packaged directly. Powdered organic fertilizer is welcomed by the growers because of its low price and long-term fertilizer effect. And the granular organic fertilizer must be processed again by equipment such as fertilizer granulator machine. Generally, the materials are fermented and crushed before passing through screening machine, dryer and cooler, and then coated for granulation. The product value is higher and the profit space is large.

Organic fertilizer production and processing

1. Ground composting (use crawler turning machine), or feed material in fermentation tank (use trough compost turning machine).
2. Sprinkle the fungicide evenly, turn over the fermentation to increase the temperature, stink, rot, and kill the mixed fungus seeds.
3. Fermentation for 15-20 days, how many times the piles are turned according to different temperatures in different places.
4. Completely fermented and rotted out of the pond (ground type directly piled up with a forklift).
5. Use a sieving machine to screen the thickness. (The selected powdered fertilizer can be sold directly).
powder organic fertilizer production line
6. Crush the screened large pieces with a grinder and return to the screening machine.
7. Mix the required trace elements with a premixer.
8. Granulate with an organic fertilizer granulator. We also provide flat die pellet mill, disc fertilizer granulator and many other granulation equipment.
9. Feed into dryer and cooler.
10. Automatic packaging machine packaging and sale.
granular organic fertilizer production line

In fact, the organic content of granular organic fertilizer is not as much as that of powder. In the drying process of granular organic fertilizer, due to the control of high temperature, it may kill the organic matter required by the soil. Although the nutritional composition of granular organic fertilizer is more comprehensive, when the soil has a large demand for organic matter and needs to improve the soil structure, you can choose an inexpensive powdered organic fertilizer.