Organic fertilizer production line of fertilizer granulator is how to process

Organic fertilizer refers to the use of biotechnology, biological materials and organic non-polluting materials to provide fertility for the soil ecological fertilizer. Organic fertilizer provides soil fertility through the life cycle activities of a large number of microorganisms, and realizes no residue and pollution of fertilizer through biodegradation. Organic fertilizer production line processes various agricultural wastes and industrial wastes into organic fertilizer. Compared with general chemical fertilizer, granular organic fertilizer has longer fertilizer efficiency and can play a sustainable role in soil. Fertilizer granulator realizes the key processing of physical properties of organic fertilizer production line.

In the process of organic fertilizer production line, organic materials can choose local raw materials, such as livestock manure, slaughterhouse waste, corn straw, sawdust, mushroom residue and so on. After fermentation, these organic materials are crushed by the crusher, and then granulated by an organic fertilizer granulator in accordance with the quantitative ratio. The materials are dried at low temperature by the drum dryer, and then produced through the processes of dust removal, screening and packaging in the organic fertilizer production line.

process of fertilizer granulator of organic fertilizer production line
Fertilizer granulator makes raw materials into granules in organic fertilizer production line to improve the performance of materials. In organic fertilizer production, the choice of fertilizer granulator includes new type organic fertilizer granulator, flat die granulator, ring die granulator, drum granulator and so on. Round particles can effectively resist the adverse environment around them, facilitate farmland sowing and prolong storage time. We can choose a new type organic fertilizer granulator. The granulator is round and is specially designed for granulation of various organic substances. It is easy to use and has high yield and meets the fertilizer granulation process.

The production of organic fertilizer should pay attention to the processing of fertilizer granulator, improve the quality of organic fertilizer and improve the agricultural ecological environment.