Processing of organic fertilizer ball shaping machine in fertilizer granulation process

Pellet organic fertilizer products occupy a large share of the market and are favorite high-quality fertilizers by farmers. After decomposition of organic fertilizer, the active substances needed for decomposition, transformation and synthesis of crops under the action of microorganisms can not be replaced by any chemical fertilizer, which can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants, reduce chemical pollution and inhibit the content of harmful substances. The water content of plant fruits using organic fertilizer is small and can maintain the original nutritional flavor of crops. Therefore, organic fertilizer can promote the growth of crops. It is an important nutritional source for crops to improve the quality of products. Fertilizer granulation process makes organic fertilizer powder into granular form, which is convenient for the use of organic fertilizer, prolongs fertilizer efficiency and improves product performance. 

organic fertilizer ball shaping machine
Fertilizer granulation process can use a variety of organic fertilizer granulator, different organic fertilizer raw materials can choose a special granulator for granulation processing. In the fertilizer granulation process, the granules produced by the flat-die granulator and the ring-die granulator are not spherical, and the appearance of the granules does not meet the needs of the market. Flat-die granulator and ring-die granulator have unique granulating effect on organic fertilizer containing more fibers such as straw and rice husk. The granular strength of organic fertilizer is high and the fertilizer efficiency is long.

Organic fertilizer ball shaping machine can solve this problem perfectly. Organic fertilizer shaping machine is often used as auxiliary equipment for fertilizer granulation process, which is equipped behind flat-die granulator and ring-die granulator. It can polish organic fertilizer particles smoothly and finish the treatment of organic fertilizer particles. A continuous production line is formed by combining the granulator and the organic fertilizer ball shaping machine together with other organic fertilizer equipment to form a continuous production line. The granules produced by this production line of organic fertilizer granulation are uniform in size, good in hardness and smoothness. The application of organic fertilizer products in soil is conducive to the absorption of nutrients by various crops and the acceleration of crop growth.