Roller Press Granulator Production Line Compound Fertilizer Equipment with Small Land and Low Investment

Production Technology of Compound Fertilizer Equipment
Fertilizer is indispensable to agricultural production. In the long growth period of crops, efficient and lasting fertilizer can ensure high yield of crops and improve soil fertility. Compound fertilizer equipment makes all kinds of fertilizer powder into granular fertilizer, which can transform fertilizer into plant effective nutrient after it is applied to soil. Compound fertilizer equipment adopts extrusion granulation or agglomeration granulation to prolong the effect of fertilizer products and meet the nutrient requirements of plants during the whole growth period. One-time application of compound fertilizer equipment will not burn seedlings, which not only reduces the number and frequency of fertilization and saves costs, but also suits different types of soil and plants, and can effectively prevent soil compaction.
What should some fertilizer plants with small land and limited funds do if they want to invest in compound fertilizer equipment? In view of this small-scale fertilizer production, our factory specially designed a production line of roller press granulator with small occupation area, which can solve the problem of occupation area and investment at one time.

Roller press granulator has the advantages of good stability, good sealing, low noise and convenient operation and maintenance. The granulator covers a small area and has a wide range of raw materials. Moreover, the production technology of roller press granulator can save the drying and cooling system, and greatly save the cost of equipment.

roller press granulator production line of compound fertilizer equipment
Roller press granulator production line adopts dry extrusion granulation process, so the fertilizer granulator production line can be dried without dryer. Roller press granulator production line not only reduces equipment investment, but also greatly reduces the production line operation cost, reduces energy consumption, no pollution, no exhaust gas discharge in fertilizer production, environmental protection and safety. Our roller press granulator production line uses bucket elevator to save space, reduce site occupancy, is very economical and practical.