Function of organic manure granule making machine in treating solid waste

Urban pollutants and wastes are increasing day by day. Organic fertilizer production line recycle solid waste resources and make manure and agricultural straw into organic fertilizer. The manufacturing of manure organic fertilizer is mainly formed by turning compost and granulating. Turning compost is a harmless treatment of raw materials through fermentation turning equipment. Granulating is to make organic manure into granular products, which is the key to the quality of organic fertilizer products.

Granulating requires complete organic fertilizer production line equipment, with granulator as the core, including grinding, batching, mixing, drying, screening, cooling and other processes. Organic manure granule making machine is the core equipment. The processing method is: How to produce organic fertilizer using fertilizer equipment.
organic manure granule making machine

Organic manure granule making machine reuses a large number of useless solid waste materials, avoiding them occupying too much space, and preventing the long-term occurrence of bacteria in manure. The production of organic fertilizer by machine with organic manure granules can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, reduce pollution and promote ecological harmony. Organic waste contains a large number of pathogens and insect eggs. If not treated in time, it will spread pathogens. Organic fertilizer is a slow-acting fertilizer produced after a large number of animal and plant residues, excreta and biological waste are fully decomposed, so that the waste in life returns to the land in another form.
solid waste for organic fertilizer production
Therefore, solid pollutants can be turned into organic fertilizers through the production machine of organic manure particles. By using these organic fertilizers reasonably, not only can the environmental pollution be reduced, but also the input of chemical fertilizers be reduced, and the increasingly serious energy crisis can be alleviated. Organic manure granule making machine promotes the safety of agricultural products, green production and protection of the ecological environment from the source.