Operating Skills of Organic Inorganic Fertilizer Production by Extrusion Granulator

Organic-inorganic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrition and high fertilizer efficiency. It can improve the physical and chemical properties and biological activities of soil and reduce environmental pollution. It is the main trend of agricultural fertilizer. Balanced supply of soil organic matter is the basic guarantee for sustainable high yield of crops. Therefore, for different soils and crops, using NPK inorganic fertilizer and organic matter as raw materials for secondary processing of organic inorganic fertilizer production process, special organic inorganic fertilizer is superior to ordinary fertilizer in increasing soil fertility, improving fertilizer utilization rate, improving crop quality and so on.

Extrusion granulator is a main equipment for organic fertilizer granulation. The products of organic inorganic fertilizer production process meet the fertilizer standards and crop needs.

Organic matter and inorganic fertilizer raw materials are put into the organic fertilizer extrusion granulator by belt conveyor after metering and mixing evenly according to the prescription requirements. Material is put into the extrusion granulator by screw conveyor. The finished products after granulation can be ready for sale after packaging.
organic fertilizer extrusion granulator

Because urea is easy to react with other basic raw materials in the mixing process, and the solubility of the complex is relatively high, the mixture material becomes moist. Therefore, urea is often added at the end of the basic raw material batching process. The mixed material should be used up in a short period of time to avoid the material being unusable due to moisture absorption.

Template Assembly Sequence of organic fertilizer extrusion granulator
Template is the core component of extrusion granulator. Template is installed horizontally in circular chute. The die hole on the template is funnel type. When installing, the face with larger aperture should be contacted with the roller. On the contrary, the extrusion granulator has the advantages of large vibration, easy blockage and low output. Correctly install the template of extrusion granulator to improve production efficiency.