How to play the effect of organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer can regulate the soil, fertilize the soil and improve the quality of crops. Fertilizers are targeted, and if the soil lacks any elements, special fertilizers will be applied, and the results will be quick.
But long-term use of chemical fertilizers will cause environmental pollution. The nitrate content of groundwater increases sharply and the water body becomes eutrophic. Moreover, the use of chemical fertilizers in farmland is easy to be excessive, which not only increases the input cost, but also leads to the crazy growth of crops. The nutrient supply of chemical fertilizers to crop straw is not conducive to crop growth. A large amount of chemical fertilizer will lead to soil compaction and a large number of soil microorganisms die.
organic fertilizer
Mixed application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer is helpful to give full play to the effect of organic fertilizer, maximize crop yield and quality, and improve economic benefits. Mixed application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer has the following advantages.
1. Improve soil fertilizer efficiency. When organic fertilizer is mixed with chemical fertilizer, chemical fertilizer can be absorbed by organic fertilizer to reduce loss and improve overall fertilizer efficiency.
2. Mixed application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can reduce the side effects of chemical fertilizer, increase the buffer capacity of soil and prevent acidification. Calcium superphosphate in chemical fertilizer contains too much free acid, which will affect seed germination and seedling production. When organic fertilizer is added, it can neutralize free acid and reduce the harm to seeds.
3. Mixed organic fertilizer increases crop nutrition. Organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrients, long fertilizer efficiency and more organic matter, which can improve soil organic matter content and physical and chemical properties.
4. Adding chemical nitrogen fertilizer to organic fertilizer can avoid the effect of early nitrogen deficiency on crop growth.