Fault analysis of vibrating screen for fertilizer production

In fertilizer production, proper selection and use of screening machine, effective maintenance of screening machine, can make the best effect of screening machine, improve fertilizer production efficiency. In the work of vibration screening machine, its common faults, causes and elimination measures are as follows.

Possible reasons for poor screening quality of vibrating screen: Screen hole blockage; Screen surface damage; Fertilizer production raw material moisture is high; Feed uneven; Screen material is too thick; Screen mesh is not tight.
Solution: Clean the sieve hole; Change the sieve surface; Adjust the inclination of the sieve surface; Uniform feeding; Reduce the feeding quantity; Tense the sieve mesh.

Vibrating screen speed is not enough: The transmission belt of the screening machine is too loose.
Solution: Tension of transmission belt.
vibrating screen for fertilizer productionvibrating screen for fertilizer production

Bearing heating of vibrating screen: Lack of oil in the bearing of the screening machine; excessive oil injection in the bearing or the quality of oil does not meet the requirements; bearing wear.
Solution: Oil the bearing of the screen machine; Clean the bearing and replace the seal; Check the oil injection condition and oil quality of the screen machine; Replace the bearing.

The reason why the shaft of the screener can't turn: The sealing bush is blocked.
Solution: Clean the axle sleeve of the screen.

The reasons for abnormal sound of vibrating screen in operation are: Unstretched screen; wear of bearing; loosening of bolt of fixed parts; damage of spring.
Solutions: Tension screen; replacement of bearings; tightening bolts; replacement of springs.