Cow dung organic fertilizer and cow dung fertilizer machine

Livestock and poultry manure is rich in nutrients for various crop growth needs. Making cow manure into organic fertilizer can not only improve the comprehensive fertility and physical and chemical properties of soil, reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, but also alleviate the environmental pollution caused by cow manure.

Cattle are ruminants, feed is chewed repeatedly. Therefore, the cow manure is fine, high water content, air is not easy to flow, organic matter is difficult to decompose, decay is slow, is a cold fertilizer. TThe effect of unripe cow manure is low, and can only be improved after it is ripe. The organic fertilizer of cow manure can improve the light soil with less organic matter and improve the yield and quality of crops. Long-term application of cow manure organic fertilizer in the soil of growing herbage would make the absorption of phosphorus in the soil significantly lower than that in the soil of applying chemical fertilizer. The content of crude organic matter and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in cow manure is the lowest in all kinds of animal manure. Ordinary cow dung organic fertilizer can be used as basic fertilizer in agriculture.
Cow dung organic fertilizer production
Organic fertilizer plants produce cow dung fertilizer machines are compost turning machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, screening machine, packing machine.
Cow dung organic fertilizer machine
Fermented cow manure compost can be directly packaged as powdered organic fertilizer after crushing. It can also be further processed by organic fertilizer production line. The compost turning machine is used in the fermentation of cow dung. It turns the fermentation material, increases the oxygen in the material, and ensures the quality of cow dung fermentation. The crusher crushes raw materials to make them suitable for granulation. The mixer mixes raw materials and other nutrients evenly and feeds them into the granulator. The granulator should select the suitable granulator according to the fertilizer products and the production process of cow dung organic fertilizer. The newly produced organic fertilizer granules are usually wet and unsuitable for direct packaging. They need to be dried and cooled. When the moisture content of the granules reaches the standard, they can be packed into storage.