Poultry farming manure and organic fertilizer production

The large amount of manure produced by poultry farming poses a serious threat to the environment. Making manure into organic fertilizer is an energy-saving and income-increasing method.

If the large amount of manure produced by poultry farming is not treated, harmful microorganisms, parasite eggs and pathogenic bacteria in the manure will threaten human health. Organic pollutants in the manure will also pollute surface water and groundwater, resulting in eutrophication of the water body. Feeds for poultry consumption contain high amounts of trace element additives, and heavy metals can also be discharged with poultry manure to pollute the environment.

The production of organic fertilizer from poultry manure is an important way to solve the problem, and the manure treated by composting can remove certain antibiotics. The most effective way to treat the manure from poultry farming is through aerobic biological fermentation, which decomposes and matures the excrement into harmless organic fertilizer. The extensive use of chemical fertilizers in agricultural production will lead to the destruction of soil structure, land degradation, decline in the quality of agricultural products and increase in harmful substances. Therefore, using poultry manure to produce organic fertilizer can not only solve the problem of poultry manure, but also make nutrients evenly distributed in the whole agricultural ecology.
Poultry farming manure and organic fertilizer production

In modern industry, manure treatment has high efficiency and good quality in organic fertilizer production. Traditional composting technology has low content, long fermentation period and poor quality. Organic fertilizer plants use organic fertilizer equipment for large-scale mechanized production, while inoculating high-efficiency fermentation microorganisms in organic fertilizer production to improve fermentation efficiency and composting quality, and can also prepare special compound fertilizer according to organic fertilizer raw materials and local crop needs. This technology is convenient and large-scale processing of poultry manure.