Conveying equipment for fertilizer manufacturing

In the manufacturing process of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, the supply of raw materials, the transporting of semi-finished products and the transporting and packaging of finished products all need corresponding transporting equipment. The conveyor equipments commonly used in fertilizer production line are belt conveyor, bucket elevator and screw conveyor.

Belt conveyor conveys material through friction. Transport distance can be adjusted according to customer's needs. It has flexible assembly, simple structure, easy operation and low power consumption. It is widely used in compound fertilizer industry. Belt conveyor includes large angel belt conveyor, which can solve the problem of fertilizer transportation with large inclination.
belt conveyorbucket elevator
Bucket elevator is one of the vertical transportation equipments widely used in fertilizer manufacturing plants. It can transport powder, granular and small pieces of materials, such as coal, cement, gravel, sand, fertilizer, grain, etc. within 30 meters.

The screw conveyor is a kind of equipment which depends on the rotation of the screw shaft to transport materials. It can be transported horizontally or at a tilt angle less than 20 in fertilizer manufacturing. The screw conveyor can be isolated from the outside during the conveying process and has good sealing performance. It is suitable for unidirectional conveying various powder, granular and small block materials.
screw conveyorscrew conveyor