Organic fertilizer production equipment solves the problem of manure treatment

For farmers and growers, in addition to worrying about the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, it is more important to solve the problem of livestock manure and crop straw treatment. If this resource is not used reasonably, it will not only be a problem of stacking, but also a threat to people's living and living environment. The most effective way is to use the corresponding means for biodegradation.

The problem of livestock manure treatment, which worries farmers, can be easily solved by organic fertilizer production equipment. In addition to a large amount of organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements, animal manure also contains a variety of biological enzymes and microorganisms. The organic fertilizer after biological fermentation is processed by professional organic fertilizer production line equipment and made into commercial organic fertilizer granules by disc granulator. The organic fertilizer products can be sold to nearby growers or fertilizer agent marketing department to create more economic benefits.

The organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer processing equipment contains plant growth regulating substances, organic matter and various nutrients necessary for growth, which can promote crop growth, and the effect of organic fertilizer is more obvious in the later stage of crop growth. The addition of organic fertilizer promotes the rapid formation of beneficial microbial flora in the soil and greatly promotes the availability of nutrient elements in the soil.
organic fertilizer production equipment

Long term application of organic fertilizer can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, reduce the pollution of chemical fertilizer to the natural environment, protect the ecological environment, reduce the amount of pesticide, and realize the sustainable development of agriculture. Organic fertilizer production equipment has made great contribution to reduce environmental pollution and protect ecological environment. For the sake of consumers' healthy diet, we strive to turn more organic waste into green ecological fertilizer and create a better tomorrow for us! We provide fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer production equipment, fertilizer crusher, batching system, drying machine, packing machine, organic fertilizer compost turner and a series of machines.