What is the profit of making a ton of organic fertilizer with organic fertilizer production equipment

How much profit can an enterprise get from processing a ton of chicken manure? It is a puzzle for many investors who are preparing to use chicken manure organic fertilizer production line. As a fertilizer equipment manufacturer-Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry, we have 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of organic fertilizer equipment, and we will analyze the profits of processing chicken manure organic fertilizer in detail.

According to the different types of processed chicken manure organic fertilizer, the profits of chicken manure organic fertilizer are different. Of course, if it is powdery organic fertilizer, the profit margin will be lower, and the profit margin of higher quality organic fertilizer will increase considerably.

Take the small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line as an example. Small-scale organic fertilizer production line (that is, small-scale organic fertilizer processing plant) is divided into two kinds: powder line and granular line. With our understanding of the disadvantages of chemical fertilizers and people's pursuit of organic life, most of the current fertilizers are organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers. Organic fertilizer can improve soil physical and chemical properties by improving soil organic matter. Increasing the application of organic fertilizer and continuously improving the content of soil organic matter are the main links to improve soil fertility.
organic fertilizer production equipment

The granular organic fertilizer production equipment needs more equipment and more invests than the powder line. Generally, powdered organic fertilizers are cheaper than granular organic fertilizers on the market, and some high-quality organic fertilizers are more expensive.

The powdered organic fertilizer production line needs to purchase equipment: fermentation compost turner, crusher, packing machine, etc.

Pellet organic fertilizer production line needs to purchase equipment: fermentation compost turning machine, crusher, granulator, screening machine, packing machine, etc. Equipment investment is between $20,000 and $100,000. There are many kinds of equipment for manufacturing organic fertilizer, and different plans of organic fertilizer production line need to be worked out according to different materials and output of customers.