Rotary screener with beating device cleaning effect is good

Rotary screener is an important screening equipment in fertilizer production. In the case of wet raw materials, the screen is easily blocked. Once the screen is blocked, it will cause too much material to be returned. The sticky material on the screen will roll more and more like snowballs. The production efficiency is very low, and the load of the motor will continue to increase. It not only wastes electricity, but also may burn down the motor. 

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd. installed the belt on the original rotary screener. With the rotation of the rotary screener, the belt beats the screen continuously, and the effect of cleaning the screen is very good. The beating device is installed on the surface of the rotary screener. When the rotary screener rotates, the belt rotates by friction. The belt rotates continuously, beats the screen, shakes off the bonded material on the screen, and ensures that the screen is not blocked. The length of belt should not be too long, which affects the effect of cleaning screen.
Rotary screener with cleaning deviceRotary screener with cleaning device

The rotary screener with the beating device has very good effect on wet raw materials and is widely used in fertilizer granulation production line. It has the following advantages: 
1.It can effectively prevent the equipment from being overloaded and damaged due to wet raw materials sticking to the net; 
2.Saving energy consumption, not blocking the network, reducing recycling and waste, the same electricity consumption can produce more products; 
3.The work efficiency has been greatly improved, and it does not need to shut down frequently to clean the screen mesh, so the output per unit time is high.