Why organic fertilizer should be decomposed? The benefits of purchasing commercial organic fertilizer from fertilizer production line

With the development of organic fertilizer equipment and the improvement of processing technology of organic fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer is more and more popular. The following hazards occur when organic manure is applied to soil without decaying and harmless treatment:
(1) The effect of organic fertilizer is poor. The decomposition of organic matter in fertilizer is slow, which can not meet the needs of plant growth and development.
(2) The material contains germs and insect eggs, which can transmit these pathogens. Continuous reproduction of pathogens and eggs in the soil results in recycling hazards, causing a variety of plant diseases and insect pests, resulting in high cost of investment in human resources, pesticides and other resources, and increasing the production costs of crops.
organic fertilizer production line
(3) Undecomposed materials contain weed seeds, which are easy to breed weeds. These weeds will deprive crops of nutrients.
(4) Organic fertilizers not treated with fertilizer equipment will cause fertilizer damage. Organic fertilizer must be fermented to make feces mature before it can be applied to soil, otherwise it will cause fertilizer damage, such as burning roots, ammonia damage leaves, etc.

The organic fertilizer refined from the organic fertilizer production line is harmless, rich in organic matter, nutrient quick-acting, no pollution to plants and soil, can improve soil, improve the quality of crop products, and increase crop yield significantly. The quality of commercial organic fertilizer is closely related to the production equipment of organic fertilizer. The equipment of organic fertilizer produced by Zhengzhou Huaqiang factory is mature in technology. There are many kinds of organic fertilizer equipment available according to different raw materials, and the cost of fertilizer production is low.