How to judge the quality of organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment

Judging from the appearance of organic fertilizer, the true color of organic fertilizer is grayish brown or dark black, while the counterfeit and inferior organic fertilizer is bright black, the powder is denser, and the density is larger than the real organic fertilizer. Smell the smell of fertilizers, whether there is ammonia, feces, silt, good organic fertilizer should be no stink, or even slightly aromatic or ammonia odor. Organic fertilizer is crushed back and forth with thumb and forefinger. If there is a feeling of hand-slashing, there are sand grains or other impurities in it.

Organic fertilizer was tested by water-soluble method. Some organic fertilizers were crushed and put into water, stirred for 1 minute and then placed for 10 minutes to observe the color of organic fertilizers in water. Low-quality organic fertilizers present black turbidity, while high-quality organic fertilizers present brown soil with different colors. Sedimentary rocks are deposited at the bottom of the water. The Brown part in the middle area is organic materials, and the top layer is animal and plant things.

Test organic fertilizer with plants. Take a pot of flowers, grab a handful of organic fertilizer and directly withdraw it to the root and stem of the flower, water it, good organic fertilizer will gradually grow white mycelia, promote plant growth, unqualified organic fertilizer will smoke seedlings, plant gradually withered until death.

The quality of organic fertilizer can be judged by burning method. Low-quality organic fertilizer is difficult to burn. After burning, a lot of black smoke will come out, and there are many residues. The real high-quality organic fertilizer is easy to burn, and the smoke is gray-white, and the residues are mostly a small amount of gray-black powder.
organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment
Organic fertilizer manufactured by organic fertilizer factory through organic fertilizer production line has high fertilizer efficiency and long fertilizer effect. Organic fertilizer is manufactured on an industrial scale with high quality and low price, and is favored by farmers. In organic fertilizer production line, other nutrients can be added flexibly, and the fertilizer produced can meet the regional needs. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd supply professional organic fertilizer equipment, has rich experience in organic fertilizer production, our equipment produces high quality organic fertilizer, which are favored by customers.