Stainless steel disc fertilizer granulator sent to Colombia

Over the years, the disc granulator produced by our factory has won the favor of users step by step for its simple and reliable structure and good performance. In the compound fertilizer industry, with the further improvement of the market demand for fertilizer quality, as well as the comprehensive consideration of intensive production and economy, the user demand for medium and large-scale disc granulator is also increasing. In the world, there are also many customers who like disk granulator. Recently, we have exported a disc fertilizer granulator to Colombia. The granulator adopts stainless steel lining and the machine is very solid.
disc fertilizer granulator sent to Colombiadisc fertilizer granulator sent to Colombia

After the disc rotation granulation, the particles have many advantages, such as good physical properties, uniform and dense structure, long-lasting fertilizer release and little adverse effect on soil. In recent years, disc granulator is more and more widely used in fertilizer industry. As the core of fertilizer granulator machine, disc granulator is widely used in the granulation of fertilizer because of its wide adaptability to raw materials and the ability to operate at room temperature.

Users often call to inquire about the details of disc granulator equipment, and they will hesitate to select the equipment. In fact, when selecting the model of disc granulator, you can refer to the material properties and production capacity. If the disc granulator is suitable for organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other materials, the humidity of organic fertilizer materials is relatively large, and there is no problem. It is difficult for users to choose according to the facts. You can tell us the corresponding parameters, and we will choose the model for you.

In the past two years, our factory has provided disc granulator equipment for many enterprises in China. The machine works well with NPK fertilizer production line. The production line has excellent capacity and high praise rate. This year, many foreign customers have purchased it. We will further innovate and optimize the equipment structure, seek benefits for customers and create benefits for the society.
disc fertilizer granulator sent to Colombia