Biomass granulator recycling straw and fecal waste

A large amount of straw will be produced after crop harvest every year. Waste or burned straw will seriously pollute the environment. Recycling crop straw and livestock and poultry manure waste into organic fertilizer can be widely used in agricultural production. It can also turn waste into treasure, increase soil organic matter, improve the output and quality of agricultural products, and promote sustainable agricultural development. Biomass granulator can be used to prepare organic fertilizer, and recycled straw and fecal wastes can be made into high quality fertilizer products.

Biomass organic fertilizer has many advantages, such as loosening soil, water and fertilizer conservation. Biomass organic fertilizer contains a large amount of organic matter and humic acid, which can improve soil physical properties, prevent soil compaction acidification and salinization, and enhance soil aggregate structure, thus loosening the soil. At the same time, it can also enhance plant resistance to pests and diseases. After the application of biomass organic fertilizer, many beneficial microorganisms in the soil multiply in large quantities in the root of plants, compete for nutrition with plant pathogens, which can inhibit the growth of plant pathogens and reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria.

Processing method of biomass granulator
Biomass granulator - flat die granulator
The crop straw is crushed and the special bio-fermentation agent is added to the straw and animal manure, so that the straw and animal manure can be decomposed and matured quickly. In the process of fermentation and decomposition, high temperature produced in fermentation heap can kill pathogens. The decomposed organic raw materials are sent to the bio-organic fertilizer production line for flow treatment, and the organic fertilizer can be prepared by granulation with the biomass granulator.
The pellets made by the biomass granulator are cylindrical. In order to have a good appearance of the fertilizer granules, a special ball shaping machine is usually arranged in the bio-organic fertilizer production line to treat the granules. After the biomass granulator, the ball shaping machine grinds the particles directly, which improves the physical properties of the biomass fertilizer.