Characteristics of biofertilizer project

Biofertilizer project utilizes a large amount of animal manure and organic wastes of agricultural by-products and transforms them into high-quality bio-organic fertilizers by scientific methods. Bioorganic fertilizer is a total nutritive fertilizer mainly composed of organic matter, which is beneficial to improving soil structure and balance, increasing soil nutrient content and improving agricultural product quality. Developing bio-fertilizer projects and establishing bioorganic fertilizer plants have the following characteristics.
biofertilizer project production line
1. Fast. In the bioorganic fertilizer project, after adding decomposing bacteria to the organic waste, it can reach the stage of bio-decomposition after 7 to 10 days running on the production line, with smaller volume and darker color. After another 10 days or so, it reaches the stage of biochemical decomposition, and completely matures. The content of organic matter can reach more than 40%, and the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is more than 5%. There are more than 100 million beneficial bacteria per gram. There are also various trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, grain growth substances, antibiotics and other active substances. The production line is more than five times faster than conventional composting.

2. Efficient. High production efficiency and high speed are the basis of high efficiency of biofertilizer production line. Combined with continuous production line operation, the turning machine can control temperature regulation, air intake and turn. A bio-fertilizer production line with a daily output of more than 10 tons can handle 200,000 chicken manure or thousands of pig manure. The operation efficiency of fertilizer equipment is high.

3. Harmlessness. In the biofertilizer project, the raw materials enter the fermentation tank, have 5 to 7 days high temperature phase (60 ~ 70 ℃), which can kill pathogenic bacteria and parasite eggs. Toxic and odorous substances (sulfides, nitrides, aliphatic compounds, etc.) can be degraded and removed. Fermented organic fertilizer has no odor, no sticky hands, soft black brown, and is a high-quality organic fertilizer product.

4. Low cost. The production line of biofertilizer project is simple in structure, easy to operate and requires less manual labor.