Treatment of common faults of powder packing machine

The powder packing machine is a kind of packaging equipment commonly used in fertilizer production. It can complete the work of metering, feeding, sealing, transporting and counting at one time. Here is some common fault and handling method of packing machine.

The discharging port of the powder packing machine is not completely closed and leaks. Possible reasons: 1. Looseness of discharge air cylinder or connecting parts. 2 There is foreign body stuck in the discharge port. Solutions: 1. Re-adjust the position of the cylinder, fasten the connector, observe whether there is gap between the seals after closure, and if so, re-adjust. 2. Stop the machine to remove foreign matter from the discharge port.

Sewing machine breaks and jumps frequently. Possible reasons: 1.The threading of powder packing machine is incorrect, the pressing wheel is too loose or too tight, and the sewing needle is worn out. 2.There are many foreign bodies at the needle foot of sewing machine. Solutions: 1. Re-thread the packaging machine according to the standard, adjust the pressing nut on the pressing wheel, and replace the sewing needle. 2. When there are more foreign bodies at the pin, it is easy to cause local heating and hot breaking, so foreign bodies should be cleaned up in time.

The conveyor belt of the packing machine has run off. Possible cause: belt stretched, screw loosened. Solutions: Adjust the tension screw of conveyor belt, control the tension force of belt.
powder packing machinepowder packing machine

The clamp switch of the packing machine is out of order. Possible reasons: High frequency use of the entrainment switch will cause wear and tear of mechanical parts, coupled with dust falling into the corrosion, there is air corrosion. Solutions: Cover with cloth, prolong service life.

The discharging speed of the packing machine varies from quick to slow. Possible reasons: the material level in the silo is unstable, which affects the measurement accuracy. Solution measures: adjust the top level switch of the packing machine to make the discharge of the material in the bin of the packing machine stable.