Cost of producing chicken manure organic fertilizer

Chicken manure has high nutritional value and is rich in nutrients necessary for plants such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is a high-quality organic fertilizer in plant production and is superior to other animal manure. Making chicken manure into organic manure is one of the most important uses of chicken manure.

The main components of chicken manure are: organic matter, crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Chicken manure contains a variety of amino acids: cyanine, methionine, threonine, histidine. The contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in chicken manure are relatively high. Moreover, the treated chicken manure is soft and odorless, without pathogenic microorganisms, and can be widely used in flower and soilless cultivation. Now we advocate organic agriculture production, one of the important contents is to use organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer, after innocuous treatment of chicken manure organic fertilizer can fully meet this need. The results showed that the yield of tomato and cucumber with chicken manure organic fertilizer was significantly higher than that with other fertilizers. After the application of chicken manure organic fertilizer, the nutrients in crops increased, and the unit cost of producing crops decreased significantly.

The cost of producing chicken manure organic fertilizer mainly includes the following aspects: equipment investment and site construction of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line (pre-cost), energy consumption of organic fertilizer production line (cost of burning coal, diesel, natural gas, etc.), electricity, staff wages, management costs, equipment depreciation and maintenance costs, purchase of chicken manure costs. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd. specializes in providing organic fertilizer processing production line. Our chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment mainly includes compost turner, crusher, mixer, chicken manure organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, cooler, fertilizer packing machine. According to the scale and the amount of funds, the equipment of production line can be adjusted. When the funds are sufficient, the scale can be enlarged, the automation of fertilizer production line can be increased, the labor can be reduced and the unit cost can be reduced. When the investment budget is low, the core equipment of fertilizer production is used to process chicken manure into commercial organic fertilizer.
chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

When a chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is put into operation, the production of organic fertilizer can start to make profits. And the organic fertilizer production line can also process chicken manure into granular, granular chicken manure can be used as feed for cattle and sheep, or for fish farming. Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line has powerful functions. Even in the off-season of organic fertilizer use, it can produce other products. This organic fertilizer equipment has fast returns and small risks.