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Organic fertilizer machine makes animal manure into organic fertilizer, which is helpful to the comprehensive recycling of farming wastes. With the large-scale and intensive development of animal husbandry, the pollution of animal husbandry wastes to the surrounding human living environment is becoming more and more serious. Large-scale and intensive feeding methods not only improve production efficiency by using economies of scale, but also cause a large number of concentration of aquaculture wastes, and improper treatment of aquaculture wastes will bring great harm to the surrounding natural environment and the health of residents. Organic fertilizer equipment plays an important role in the recovery and utilization of farm manure, which is helpful to realize the ecological aquaculture mode of combination of breeding and breeding.

Organic fertilizer machine manufacturer-Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry
Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment. In addition to the production of organic fertilizer machines, we also provide free project design, organic fertilizer process design, fertilizer equipment selection, as well as equipment layout draw and foundation draw for customers. Our fertilizer equipment is well received in different markets all over the world. It is exported to India, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Kenya, Sudan, Algeria, Spain, Turkey and many other countries.

Production technology of organic fertilizer equipment
Below is Huaqiang to introduce the process flow of organic fertilizer production. The production process of organic fertilizer is usually different according to the different scale of production. 
farm manure organic fertilizer machine
Commercial organic fertilizer production technology can be used in large-scale farms and manufactures, and commercial utilization of aquaculture wastes can be realized through a complete organic fertilizer production line. 
Medium-scale farms can produce powdered organic fertilizer, mainly using compost turner and crusher to treat organic fertilizer, eliminating fertilizer machines such as orgnaic fertilizer granulator, dryer and packaging machine, and so on. Directly fertilizing organic fertilizers, realizing the self-circulation of farms. 
Small farms can adopt simple processes such as natural composting or strip stacking composting to reduce the input of organic fertilizer equipment and realize the purpose of resource utilization of farming wastes.

As a manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment with many years of experience, our factory provides fertilizer equipment for different scale fertilizer plants to meet the needs of customers with different output. At the same time, our factory plans a special organic fertilizer production line according to the customer's site to maximize the benefits for you.