Equipment of organic fertilizer fermentation

When organic fertilizer is fermented, organic fertilizer equipment helps to make organic fertilizer such as chicken, pig, cow dung and straw and so on, which will affect the quality of decomposition and improve the efficiency of organic fertilizer fermentation. The following are the equipment needed for the fermentation process of organic fertilizer production.

Loader feeding hopper is a new type of machine with combined capacity and feeding. It has material storage silo, anti-caking crushing device, discharging adjustment system and conveying device. The machine can transport materials at a uniform speed, and can work continuously. It is especially suitable for large and medium-sized fertilizer plants. It is used for transferring and stacking organic materials during fermentation, and also suitable for engineering applications such as aquaculture.
Loader feeding hopper are mainly used for mechanized feeding and uniform transportation of raw materials. The raw materials can be continuously fed by forklift trucks to reduce manual fatigue. There are crushing and feeding devices in the middle of the silo. There are too many materials in the silo to start the crushing device. The spindle runs to crush the accumulated materials, which makes the materials fluffy and leave them on the conveyor belt. It is suitable for the uniform transportation of various solid materials and certain moisture materials.

The water content of some fermentation raw materials is too high, so dehydration treatment is needed before fermentation.
The machine can be widely applied to the separation of high concentration organic waste water such as chicken, cattle, horse, all kinds of intensive livestock and poultry manure, distiller's grains, starch residue, sauce residue and slaughterhouse. After solid-liquid separation and dehydration, the machine has low moisture content, fluffy appearance, no viscosity, no odor reduction and no hand squeezing. The treated animal manure can be directly packed or sold. The water content of livestock manure after treatment is the best condition for organic manure fermentation of livestock manure, and can be fermented directly to produce organic fertilizer.
1. The water content is between 80% and 90%, and the water content of the effluent is between 40% and 50%.
2. The production capacity changes according to the nature of raw materials: chicken manure 6-8 cubic meters/ hour, pig manure 8-10 cubic meters/ hour, cow dung 10-12 cubic meters / hour, pig manure 10-15 cubic meters / hour, cow dung 15-20 cubic meters / hour.
3. The main components of the sifter are stainless steel and the rest are carbon steel.

In fermentation raw materials, if the straw raw material is too large, it needs to be crushed and processed into small materials to shorten the fermentation time of raw materials. Straw crusher can crush corn straw, straw, peanut skin, beanstalk, flowers and other burning residues. It avoided the burning of crop straw, protected the environment, and effectively developed renewable energy. The machine is reliable in operation, that easy to operate and maintenance. The equipment has a wide range of raw materials, and is suitable for crop residues.
organic fertilizer fermentation
It is a turning machine used for groove composting. It is suitable for aerobic fermentation, and can be used in conjunction with solar fermentation chamber, fermentation tank and transfer machine. The function of one machine with multiple slots can be realized by matching with the transfer machine. According to the slot width, the flipper can be divided into 3 meters, 4 meters and 5 meters. Different specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, and the lifting system can be installed.
The turning machine turn and fermentation of organic waste, such as, sludge waste, sugar mill filter mud, bad slag cake and straw sawdust. Widely used in the fermentation composting and removal of moisture operations of organic fertilizer, fertilizer, sludge dumps, horticulture course and mushroom cultivation factory.