How to make organic manure

According to the soil conditions and the characteristics of crop fertilizer absorption, the fertilizer formula of various crops was calculated. Livestock and poultry manure was used as the main raw material, and the crushed cake, straw and other supplementary materials were used at the same time. Adjust the moisture content of the material (hand-kneaded into a ball, one touch will scatter), according to the proportion of the material added to fermentation strains. The prepared material strips are stacked or put into fermentation tank for fermentation. In the process of fermentation, the turning machine should be used together. The compost turning machine can not only increase the air in the material to promote aerobic fermentation, but also play a role in mixing materials and evenly mixing, thus saving the labor of pre-treatment. Carried out the first turning when the temperature of compost fermentation rises to 60 ℃, and then every two days. The high temperature produced during fermentation can kill the eggs of pathogens and insects and deodorize them. When the odor of fermentation products disappeared, white mycelia appeared on the surface and brown, composting was completed.
Organic manure fermentation
Fermented organic manure can be directly made into powdered organic fertilizers as raw materials. The organic matter, humic acid, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and phosphorus in compost can also be determined, and a series of fertilizers can be prepared according to the total amount of fertilizer applied to different crops and the characteristics of fertilizer demand in different growth stages.

Organic manure production technology
The process of organic fertilizer includes crushing raw materials, batching, granulation, drying and cooling, metering and packaging. The organic manure production process is simple, easy to operate, and the raw material cost is low. The organic fertilizer product can improve the lack of organic matter in barren soil, meet the basic growth needs of crops, reduce the loss of fertilizer leaching, and reduce the environmental pollution caused by fertilizer loss. The special commercial fertilizer has comprehensive nutrient, long-lasting fertilizer effect, and the combination of quick-acting nutrient and slow-acting nutrient can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer nutrient, improve the quality of crop products, improve soil and reduce environmental pollution.