Organic fertilizer equipment promotes the development of organic farming

Organic agriculture refers to the agricultural production system based on ecology, following the law of ecological material circulation and ecological balance, and adopting a series of sustainable development technologies. Organic fertilizer equipment treat organic wastes such as livestock manure, straw, soybean meal, residue, mushroom residue, etc. through fermentation composting and fertilizer production line processing into organic fertilizer, return to farmland, conducive to green ecological cycle, promote the sustainable development of organic farming.

The characteristic that organic fertilizer equipment develops organic farming
1 Organic fertilizer production equipment combines agricultural tillage with natural organic matter and follows natural laws and ecological principles.
2. Organic fertilizer equipment is used to treat livestock manure wastes, which coordinates the balance between farming and aquaculture.
3. Organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment has no other pollution to the soil, soil consolidation and cultivation of the field, and produces vegetables and fruits with good taste, avoiding the harm of using chemical pesticides, chemiacal fertilizer and other substances to the farmland.
Organic fertilizer equipment promotes organic farming

The role of organic fertilizer equipment in developing organic farming
With the intensification of competition, agricultural production is developing towards scale, intensification and simplification. Single farms can only rely on chemical fertilizers to supplement the land or excess nutrients absorbed by plants, while livestock farms only engaged in farming, a large number of poultry manure accumulation, seriously polluting the ecological environment. Organic fertilizer equipment reused these wastes as organic fertilizer, and built a bridge between agricultural cultivation and natural organic waste recycling.
Soil is the center of organic agriculture. The basis of nutrient cycling in agricultural production system is soil. Crops depend on nutrients in soil for growth. Therefore, the production methods of organic agriculture should be based on the maintenance of soil health and the improvement of fertility, and cultivate healthy soil, so it is necessary to develop organic fertilizer equipment. Organic fertilizer can not only effectively improve the fertility and fertilizer efficiency of cultivated land, but also activate the soil, improve the fertilizer supply environment and soil physical and chemical properties. Only fertile soil can maintain the normal operation of the whole system.