Structure and use of vibration screener machine

Structure of vibration screener machine
Vibration screener machine is an important equipment for screening fertilizer, coal and other materials. It can also be widely used for screening materials in chemical, building materials, metallurgy and power industries. Vibrating screen is composed of vibration motor, screen box, vibration absorber, screen mesh, dust cover, hopper and so on. Vibration motor acts as the exciting source of direct vibration screen. When the vibration motor rotates, periodic inertia force is generated. Vibration absorber springs drive through the connecting rod to make the screen fixed on the connecting rod vibrate up and down. Because of the inclination of the screen of the vibrating screener machine, the material is thrown. Under the action of vibration and gravity, the material is mechanically separated to achieve the purpose of classification. The amplitude of the vibrating screen is adjustable.
vibration screener machinevibration screener machine

Use of vibration screener machine
When operating the shaker, the technical regulations must be complied with. When checking the screening machine, special attention should be paid to whether the unbalanced weight on the flywheel is fixed reliably or not, so as to prevent flying injuries caused by improper fixing. During the no-load test run of the screen, the repairman should not stay on the vibrating screen surface to prevent accidents. The transmission belt and pulley should be equipped with protective shield. For fine inspection or repair of screening machine, the protective shield must be removed, and the screening machine must be re-installed before starting. Bearing lubrication and screen surface cleaning can be carried out only after the screening machine stops running. When the screening machine is running, it shall not be repaired. During the period of operation, it shall not be loaded or unloaded with transmission belt. The screening machine in trouble shall not continue to operate.